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Our firm represents, negotiates, and executes for and our client, the owner. We stand firm on the vision of loyalty and excellence as we bring dreams and blueprints to fruition. We’ve gained a reputation as an owner’s rep because many of our clients have a vision and simply need someone to execute that vision efficiently, without cutting corners or skipping steps.

We’ve overseen, managed, and designed multiple multi-million dollar projects across South Florida and excited about helping more dreams come to reality.


We specialize in negotiating with contractors, protecting our clients, and helping organizations design and buildouts. Our owner and founder Marci Uricola has over 30 years of experience executing construction and design. She is a no-nonsense type of manager that helps give the client peace of mind that everything is running even better than it should.



As an owner’s rep, she only knows how to do two primary things: save her clients time and money. Specializing in project management, overseeing every subcontractor, vendor and design for the owner, Marci sits as the liaison between the owner and their project. With fierce excellence and loyalty, she is able to move the owner’s vision and plan forward. 


          “I manage the process for them so they don’t have to.”


Her last 20 years in South Florida focused on projects with Coca Cola, American Express, Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Carribean, Loreal Latin America, the PGA tour etc. Internationally she managed projects for Royal Carribean globally. In the last 5 years, her construction projects included Crunch Fitness, Shapes Women’s Fitness, Frankinfile, Taco Bell Cantina, The GYM, Beach Place and House Of Athlete.


Her passion for fine art and being an avid art collector, is one of her inspirations as a Design Consultant for her clients. Representing the owner in the design process, she is able to manage all design aspects, decisions, orders and execution. Bringing the most elaborate and comprehensive vision and design to life.


Marci enjoys spending any of her free time with her 2 beautiful children and impacting the lives around her. Loyalty is her #1 trait and her reputation in South Florida is unmatched.

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